Navigating Blue Mounds~ southwestern Wisconsin, February 2014


The loneliest place in the world. 


i don’t only have glitter in my veins, 2013

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"I’ve never loved anyone the way I’ve loved you." 
-Her, 2013

"I’ve never loved anyone the way I’ve loved you." 

-Her, 2013

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Andrew Wyeth - Wolves



Andrew Wyeth - Wolves

Uganda, January 2014

Women Cuddling Animals



Will Barnet Woman and Cats (1962) via Smithsonian

Gentle women and wild animals are linked in myth and fable, fashion photography and pornography, pulp art and fine art; men hunt wild animals, and women cuddle them


The centerpiece of Blackfish, a new documentary film about killer whales in captivity, is the gruesome death of SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau. In 2010, Dawn was killed by Tilikum, a six-ton bull orca. The film does not include footage from what has been termed the “death tape,” but it does scan Dawn’s autopsy report, which dryly states that the 40-year-old female suffered numerous abrasions, dislocations, a broken back and jaw, hemorrhaging at multiple sites, and eventual death by suffocation. Her right arm was missing, and she was scalped. The time of death was some 30 minutes before Tilikum relinquished Dawn’s mutilated body.

Dawn was one of SeaWorld’s most experienced and respected trainers, and she had a reputation for strictly following safety protocols. Working with whales was a childhood dream; her family remembers the day she joined SeaWorld, at age twenty-three, as the happiest day of her life. A former student body president and homecoming queen with a gleaming smile, Dawn was also SeaWorld’s public face, appearing as a game show contestant, and on commercials, billboards, and murals. “She was beautiful, blonde, athletic, friendly,” one colleague remembers. “She captured what it means to be a SeaWorld trainer.”

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re-blogging because A Charlie Brown Christmas is playing while the coffee machine grumbles (aka the coziest sounds in the world); meanwhile the cat is sitting on the windowsill trying to catch snowflakes


Photos from the 31st Annual Belmont Shore Christmas Parade in Long Beach, CA. We had so much fun! The crowd loved CORGI NATION! Our Tumblr friends Gatsby, Scout, Dale, Luna, & Cappy were there too! I wish I had taken more pictures but there was little to no lighting and I had Trinket on leash. 

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late fall 2013 life snapshots: 

~glittery blue poinsettia for 94yo g. grandma 

~snuggle attacks & disgruntled cats 

~ringity ring rang 

~candy-making. goddam one day my divinity will be perfect EVERY TIME. 

Regina Spektor – December (30 plays)


December - Regina Spektor 

December starts on Sunday, next Sunday, won’t you feel happier then. 

our cat spooky

our cat spooky